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Discover The Next Big Underground Artist! College Underground Radio set out to find a few artists that are great picks for really good music. Some of them you’ve probably heard of before, and some of them you may very well have not. However, chances are that you will almost always discover something new, entertaining and informative. 


College Underground Radio has taken this popular platform geared towards telling the story of unsigned independent and underground artists. We are shining a light into the underground and independent music world, exposing all that the mainstream has overlooked and we deem it the new mainstream, that which is quality driven and powerful.


With that said, take a break, mellow out for a minute and Discover The Next Big Underground Artist!

Katharina has worked alongside many talented and prestigious individuals, such as Trae Peirce and his band "Trae Peirce and the T-Stone Band". Trae Peirce is a four Time Grammy Award winning producer, and former bass player for the "Ohio Players Band". 

Ray Thompson is a guitarist and singer songwriter currently living in Kettering, UK. Ray started his musical career at the age of 17 when he joined local band 'Play the Joker' who were already an established original young band. Rays first gig with the band was at the Northampton College. 

Mark Durant has played in numerous cover bands and began writing his own music in his 20’s. Mark began recording his original music in a friend’s studio with minimal success. With upgraded technology everything is now digital, and the world has better access to artists and their fan base.   

Dark Assassin us the Owner/CEO of Bender Beats Productions. He is a Techno Disk Jockey, Songwriter/beat maker, and a media creation and editing specialists. Dark Assassin originally hails from Malden Massachusetts but home is where the heart is. He is loyal to family and friends instead of area

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Matty Charm experimented with recording music since he was 17 years of age.  He uploaded his first song on Reverbnation in 2013, where his exposure began.  He then moved to Atlanta, GA in 2013 to be closer to the music scene where he could grow and develop as an artist. 

Edward Channing is mostly a Pop music singer-songwriter that hails from Massachusetts. He believes that there are some things that come along that influence him which for me can range from Duke Ellington to John Lennon and so forth. Edward sees his music as roots with a twist.

The Glenn Bryant Band was created by Glenn Bryant in 2004. Having retired from music for 20 years due to life circumstance. Decided to start his passion of music again. The life long passion to write and perform music had returned. The Band went thru many changes over the years. 

Su Rios was born and raised in the Harbor Area of South Los Angeles better known as the “Heart of the Harbor.” His contemporary Christian music has been likened to some of his greatest influences such as Casting Crowns, Brandon Heath, Sanctus Real, and Ryan Stevenson. 

Singer songwriter (Lizzi not Lizzo) is the mother of the group of 4. Fame in Tamworth Australia which is Australia’s Music Capital (like Nashville). Contest winners on TV and in a book on the Tamworth festival. In a documentary on rising stars …front page of newspaper Tamworth. Her children are all grown ups now but they sing together…with her hubby. A POP group of 4.