• A License to open a College Underground Radio Station for 1 year with a mutual renewable option
  • Rights to use the brand and logos
  • College Underground Radio Website setup specifically for your city
  • Option to use the Corporate Music Stream (or you can obtain your own)
  • Access to the royalty free music library with thousands of artists and song tracks from all genres of music.
  • 5 College Underground Radio Email Addresses (more can be arranged if you need them)
  • College Underground Radio subdomain setup (www.youcity.collegeundergroundradio.com) and linked to your radio station website
  • Sample Email Templates For Communicating With Artists and Bands
  • Sample Email Templates for marketing and contacting companies and businesses for sponsorships and advertising
  • Listing on College Underground Radio Corporate Website with a picture of your city and linked to your station's website 
  • Operations Manual, Talent Scout Manual and a Social Media Manual
  • Social Media Fan pages specifically for your station/city

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