TalentScout4As we grow and expand, College Underground Radio is the 1st and #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for discovering amazing underground and independent artists! Since 2010, College Underground Radio has become the #1 source globally for DISCOVERING NEW MUSIC. Playing a variety of unsigned and slightly signed underground, undiscovered, and independent artists, bands and Radio Shows. We are opening markets for unsigned bands and artist to expose them to the world. We need your help in researching and discovering new bands and artists before they become mainstream.

LOCATION: Virtual - Work From Home

JOB TITLE: Artist Talent Scout

LOCATION: Virtual or Work From Home


Part Time or Full Time

Become a Talent Scout with College Underground Radio.

Research and Discover new bands/artists before they become mainstream
Communicate directly with bands and artists about College Underground Radio. Help to break new artists and make them popular.

Interact with Artists and Bands to have them submit their music to be played on College Underground Radio and to enhance their exposure for their brand by considering other College Underground Radio Artist Services like becoming a Featured Artist, being interviewed in The Underground, using our Social Media packages, doing a Radio Show, etc..

Compensation is performance based commissions on Artist Services packages.

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