As we grow and expand, College Underground Radio is the 1st and #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for discovering amazing underground and independent artists! Since 2010, College Underground Radio has become the #1 source globally for DISCOVERING NEW MUSIC. Playing a variety of unsigned and slightly signed underground, undiscovered, and independent artists, bands and Radio Shows. We are opening markets for unsigned bands and artist to expose them to the world. We need your help in researching and discovering new bands and artists before they become mainstream.We need your help in building an internet radio station team. 

LOCATION: Virtual - Work From Home

As we grow and expand to become the #1 global internet radio station chain for college, underground and independent music listeners, we need your help.

JOB TITLE: General Manager of a College Underground Radio Station

LOCATION: Contact us and tell us where you want us to open a College Underground Radio station.


Part Time or Full Time

Become a General Manager with College Underground Radio.

Work for College Underground Radio as an independent contractor managing a College Underground radio station in a specific city or area.

The Job Would Include, but not limited to:

  • Developing music and artists for airplay on the station
  • Driving traffic and listeners to the stations website
  • Developing content for station products, services and blogs
  • Driving advertising revenue
  • Promotions and contests
  • Driving Station Social Media

The Company:

The #1 Internet Station for College, Underground and Independent Music. The most interesting variety of music and entertainment on the internet. We broadcast twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our music and content can be enjoyed anywhere in the world!

College Underground Radio is playing a variety of unsigned, slightly signed and undiscovered artists and bands. We are opening markets for unsigned bands and artist to expose them to the world. In a short time, College Underground Radio has created a market for the undiscovered artist. It is virtually impossible for today’s artists to get airplay and have worked hard to make a difference in today’s music listening preferences. College Underground Radio is a part of one of the largest multi-unit internet radio station chains in the world.


General Manager have earning potential of over $50K in performance based earnings. Details will be provided on follow up call.

Become a General Manager With the College Underground Radio Team Today!

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