ATANATAN is a London based Prog-Metal band, born out of a deep love for the experimental and the heavy groovy world. They wrote and recorded their first album while being apart during the pandemic, and released a music video for their debut single.

'F.O.M.O' was released in February 2022. The name 'ATAN' is a portmanteau of their founding member's names (AT-Atmaroop, An-Andrzej), it came about while seeking for a name that was simple and could easily stick.

Their music explores the motley, and seeks out for twisted oxymorons to amalgamate. A massive wall of drums (Jerry Sadowski) and bass (Marcin Palider) is carefully constructed to sustain the heavy layers of 7 and 8 string guitars (Andrzej Czaplewski). Eclectic vocals (Claudia Moscoso) top the cake and explode into words of deep existentialism with a pinch of humor.

The group enjoys creating conceptual worlds of sound through stories, and are soon to release lots of new material to drag you into their world.

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