NancyJNancy S. John was born and raised on the beautiful paradise of St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands. She is the first child and only daughter of her parents Malcolm John and Julie Rhymer. She is a gifted vocalist and passionate worshiper.


Nancy brings her audience to experience a deeper relationship with God.

Her passion for music began at the tender age of three, when she began singing solos at her local church and church concerts. Nancy was a lead and background singer in the group “Tender Voices”, who released their debut album in 1999. Nancy has since performed in many concerts and captures the hearts of audiences of various cultures. She currently resides in Miami, Fl., where she plays an active role in Music Ministry, ministering at her local church as well as events. Nancy looks forward to embarking on a journey that will allow her to share her story through her music, ushering others to experience the essence of God’s pure love in their lives. Her new single “Conqueror” released on April 25th 2020 is touching the hearts of people everywhere.

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