Mali BalanceGeneral Mali is a producer, engineer and song writer who brings a unique sound of dynamic rhythms and uplifting musical elements that are soulful. His music helps to inspire and motivate future generations in a universal language.

At the age of five Mali was inspired by musical idol Michael Jackson who gave him his spark that begun his music career. Mali had an extreme and intense passion to do music and decided that it was something he wanted to master and pursue. Born and raised in Southbend, Indiana he began his music journey with beat boxing, creative writing and producing beats.

His first show was with the "Ghetto Boyz"in Jan.1991. Soon after that he toured in Indiana locally doing many music shows throughout the state.

In 1993 Mali left his home state to venture and moved to Atlanta where he further pursued his passion of music. He got noticed at a show where he was then introduced to Arnold Hennings who became his mentor and friend. Alongside while engaging in music he also was introduced to Dallas Austin. He then took the steps to further enhance his music skills and worked very diligently on creating music. He also had a opportunity to get extreme training on an industry level with "Alvin Speights" who became a mentor and pushed him to drive even harder.

Later in 2003 Mali had created a song called "Crush". In 2008 that song was then recreated by Deezle and became Lil Wayne's song "Mrs. Officer" which was on Carter III. After several years of battling the copyright infringement lawsuit the case was dismissed with prejudice due to misconduct on his attorney and manager's part. Mali was not bitter nor did he have any hard feelings against parties involved in the case. He was truly grateful for the education and experience that he now has obtained about the music business.

Following the lawsuit Mali was motivated to start his own projects to show his pure talent and skill level. He has been very fortunate to work with many artists as a producer such as Young Dro, Pete Poblo, Fabo, Boo & Gotti, Keith Sweat and the list goes on. On his downtime he landed a gig as a stage hand/spot tech for many major concerts such as the ACMA Awards. This experience gave him a cutting edge and insight to the backdoor of the industry.

Currently General Mali has pursued his career further by joining with a distribution company to help push his newly created music out to the world. He has just recently released four music singles; "She", "My Pretty", "Right Now" and "Flip Da Swagg". Mali is working on completing his first official album which will be available soon!!