RefractRefract is a female-fronted psychedelic progressive rock band giving birth to a wall of rockin' sound with kaleidoscopic rhythms and silly strings.

The band started when founding fathers Alex Bruno and Justin Fode began playing guitar together. Alex brought a huge progressive rock influence and Justin psychedelic thrash. Justin and Alex began to meld the two styles and together they searched for bandmates. Nick Muchow, who had been in a band with Alex Bruno some time before called Backlash, decided to join the fold. They recorded a demo and found Elise Tarens and Baron Chase as vocalist and bassist respectively. We eventually parted ways and found Jamie and Charlie. Refract, finally being complete, spent time perfecting progressive rock masterpieces to then record and show the world. Charlie and Jamie add a sauce to Refract that just can't be replaced. Our first album had a different singer and bassist, but the core elements remain the same today with our new lineup and improve upon what Refract is about. If you like progressive rock then you've found your new home.

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Major Influences:

Tool, Pink Floyd, Lacuna Coil

Band Members:

Charlie Sisemore - Bass
Alex Bruno - Guitar
Jamie Tamboury - Vocals
Justin Fode - Guitar
Nick Muchow - Drums