KRUXA rising upstart on the UK electronic music scene, KRUX makes live vocal electronic music. KRUX makes 100% improvised, live vocal electronic music.

Hailed by ambient artist Aemaer (Rural Sounds, Soundtracking the Void) as 'astonishing' and 'utterly unique', by Manchester (UK) Punk-poet duo, StocksnSkins (AnalogueTrash) as 'cutting edge' and EMOM (Electronic Music Open Mic) founder Martin Christie as 'totally original... [sic] / unlike anything else', KRUX takes a wide array of electronic music styles, saturates, distorts and ethereally dances with them like the devil in the pale moonlight, transporting you to a sonic world dimensions away yet oh-so faintly familiar, as though heard once before, all the while jolting the listener into the present.

With recent release, 'Grimoire', KRUX delivers an onslaught of future techno, house and breaks, hypnotic cross rhythms and apocryphal rave anthems. With a 2020 challenge of twenty live gigs and all-major platform track and music video releases in full swing, KRUX embraces stepping out into the unknown. We’re all in it together, after all… Creating music live and on the spot is a challenge, but this is free music, to free your mind and feed your soul. This is the music of every party you've never been to, be it experienced deep within hypnotic reams of fog, flashing bright lights, or while drawing you in whilst dancing you out. KRUX invites you to join in bending time and space together to go dancing among the stars.

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