TheMackMan1TheMackMan moonwalked onto the scene in his debut episode of The Voice Kids UK in 2019 - Season 3.

Mackenzie Brook Richards is Welsh and currently lives in Wales, he is inspired by artists such as Jon Bellion, AJR and Kanye West when producing and writing but Mack takes the stage presence from Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars in performances! His music is very versatile. He has written ballads and chill songs but also likes to create music people can dance to. Whatever track he is creating; you will always hear his sound in it. Mack has always loved funk music and adds instrumentation from James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and many other stars from that era. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Mack plays drums, guitar and uses a midi keyboard when producing. Fun fact, Mack has also been in acting too!

On ‘The Voice Kids UK’ Mack worked with many big names in the industry such as ‘Danny Jones’ from ‘McFly,’ ‘Pixie Lott,’ ‘Jessie J’ and ‘’ from the Black Eyed Peas. He was 13 years old at the time and was chosen by Will to be on his team. Also in 2019 Mack wrote, produced and released his first album Another Sense by himself. It’s filled with all his singles he worked on for 2 years! He told ITV he is going to ‘continue to release music on all streaming services.’ The year ended in another competition. Qualifying to be in the ‘Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.’ This included being in a duo and also rapping in Welsh. He reached the Final 3 in Wales.


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