AdamWileyMusicAdam Wiley was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on August 1, 1995.

After spending two more years there, his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1998 where Adam would grow up and live for most of his life. Adam has an older sister named Jasmine and his parents’ names are Wallace and Vivian Wiley. While in Memphis, Adam’s father became very involved in the Christian faith and taught him about the Gospel and the Bible. Although this did not start his faith off at first, Adam would eventually become a devout believer in Christ at 13 years old and this would have a big influence on Adam’s life choices and future in music going forward.

At 7 years old, Adam discovered that he could play any music that he heard by ear and would spend the rest of his Elementary school years playing the keyboard in his school Blues Band at Gordon Elementary under Mr. Jonah Ellis. This experience would spark his eventual interest in going further into the arts as he got older. When he was a teenager, Adam sang in the Chamber Choir at Overton High School and became a keyboard player at his local church. It was at 17 years old that Adam began writing music and wrote his first Gospel song “You Sent The Rain.”

In college, Adam began pursuing a Music Education degree by enrolling at the University of Memphis, singing in the University Singers chorale and taking private voice and piano lessons. It was during this time that he began writing music more heavily and learning new instruments to help develop his skills. These instruments include acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion, and lead guitar. He now regularly uses these skills to do music ministry in the local church and he is a common/known worship leader in Memphis. After graduating college, Adam became a music educator at Brownsville Road Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee. Adam now writes lots of music, engineers, produces, and uses his gifts and skills to ultimately glorify God. Adam desires to be a well-known and prolific Gospel/Christian artist one day.

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