PterodactylProblemsPterodactyl Problems have risen to save rock from extinction, and not a moment too soon.

These fiercely original Torontonians are a gender-bending, genre-defiling hybrid gene-spliced from a quartet ot distinct personalities: An outrageous frontman who probes dark emotional truths while clad in full drag; two unrepentant metalheads underpinning his devastating messages with crushing intensity; and a meticulous musical mad scientist sprinkling jazz, blues, classical and more into their alt-metal DNA.They are, by their own admission, a band whose existence "makes no sense at all." Until you listen to their debut full-length Esoteric Hobbies.

Then it all adds up. A funhouse reflection of their uncompromising audacity, the distinctive, eccentric, ambitious and accomplished albums has impacted the Canadian scene like a dinosaur-destroying asteroid, inviting comparison to a list of icons and influencers: Weezer. Van Halen. Primus. The Killers. The Smiths. Foo Fighters. Queen. All of them fit. None truly sums up the breadth and depth of the album or the Pterodactyls. Those lucky enough to witness their high-energy performances know the awesome power of this four-headed, firebreathing beast. The world won't be far behind. It's evolution, baby. Just in the nick of time.

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