We went to check out our lads Kingsnake and Weed Is Weed with A.P.F. and Wasted Theory at Lallo’s in Knoxville, MD. We got a bit lost on the way which was not good news for my bladder. Seeing as we were near Blair Witch country, why not stop down a very dark, very quiet road in the woods to take a piss? As I assumed the squat position with everyone in the car yelling at me, I heard a crack in the woods. This gave me instant stage fright as I started to imagine a scene from Friday the 13th Part…whatever?

So we finally get there, where I quickly emptied my bladder and got a beer. The owner threw some kind of bitch fit about some outside beers that had made their way in to see the show too, so he threatened to pull the plug. I mean have you ever played a gig without your own booze? Not I, that Jager soothes the old vocal chords mate! Anyway, I thought I would try and help the situation as I so diplomatically know how. I explained to one of the door guys that if any band leaves, then we all leave so your beer money just went down the crapper, now don’t be silly and let’s get on with the show! Jesus!

I really liked the first band A.P.F. and was unable to buy their CD as we spent all of our cash on beer already, duh, what a shitty music supporter I am, but if they would like to send me one, I’ll review it for College Underground Radio. Wasted Theory were… not much to write home about, Kingsnake of course were awesome and so was the mighty Dave Sherman, captain of Weed Is Weed! He’s one of the funniest dudes I know and I played my first ever gig with his band Wretched when I was about 19. He is one of the OG doomsters of MD. In our house we have “Sherman quotes” and you must do it in the “Sherman voice”, (very gruff, spacey and lovable). One of RQ’s faves from the Sherminator is “DUDE! All of the songs in Weed Is Weed are about Weed, except for this one which is called Eating Pussy!” I will interview him one day, but I’m gonna need at least 3 spare days for all of the stories he has.

Next up I surprised RQ for an overnight in Atlantic City to see Deftones at House of Blues. I got to photograph the show again which was a super bonus. Big thanks to Jill at Warner Bros. for always being so accommodating. Now you know how much I love my Deftones so I’m not quite sure who had the problem, but for one of my favourite venues the sound was kinda shitty. It just sounded very muddy, but was still a cool show. What was especially cool was our friends Ave and James (singer for Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience) who secretly came too and surprised RQ for his birthday. James gave him a signed drum head from Jason so it was like the icing on the cake!

So yeah, being a full time Mum, musician and artist and writing for college Underground Radio makes for limited down time. Trying to check out live music all the time is tough but I do what I can. Plus my son is about to join a band so add “roadie” on to my list of titles and responsibilities!

Cheers, AQ!

P.S. My balls are still blue!

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