Displays a picture of your band on the main traffic pages of the website. Band pictures are displayed randomly. The display is on the right side of the website and each pageview displays a different picture. So every band picture gets the chance for a solo appearance.

Rates: $9.95 for 1 month, 6 months for $24.95, $44.95 for 12 months.

To Order:

Artist-Band Picture Packages


Footer Banner

Displays a 480 x 60 horizontal banner at the bottom of the main traffic pages of the College Underground Radio website and links to the website of your choice.

Footer Banner Options

Header Banner

Displays a large squared banner at the center main area of the College Underground Radio home page and links to the sponsors website or event.

Header Banner Options

Right Side Squared Banner

Displays on the right side of the College Underground Radio website mainpage, a picture of you or your band. 

Right Side Squared 200 x 180 Banner Options

Center of WebPage

Center home webpage 468 x 60 horizontal banner which links to the website of your choice. 

Center Home Page 466 x 60 Banner Options

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