Name Artist
15 Minutes Face Dancer
80 Miles Away Mrs. X
A Better Day Amber Rose McLemore
Adrenaline Tim Bennett
All Inclusive Dwayne Ferris
Amadeus (treffe ich dich wieder) ZABA
American Made Timothy Wilkins
Angels Calling Me - Rise Kerry-Ann Phoenix
Another Run For Your Life Chuck Paul
Anxious Sonny Hunter
Break Me Down Bridges Out Of Eden
Broke-A-Holic K-Lane
Broken Glass Silent Stranger
Bubbles Deb Moore
Butterfly Feeling Vanessa Lavoie
Can't Stand Still Face Dancer
Charity Alice Marie
Chasin David Lyric
Chose or lose Cubic Jack
Cigarette Smokin Ashley Baker
Corner of Heartache & Lonesome Way GJ Hoffman
Cowboy Thing Cordell Harris
Crazy In Love Eric Cormier
Crystal (Meth) COSTON!
Demerol Dream Loaded Billy
Doesn't Matter 8 Track Summer
Do It Right FLTF
Dough Boy Fresh Kurmi the arson (Cure-Me)
Elevator Song Ray William Roldan
Fire The Sweet Caroline
Get Better Lecia Louise
Get It On The Muggs
Get Up Stalkz
Get Your Ga Ga On Sean Casey Experiment
Happening Now Ivar Sigurbergsson
Hey Now Lecia Louise
High Stakes Thomas Armstrong
Higher Slim Loris
Hoops Lecia Louise
I Like You The Ravyns
I Wanna Dance Marc Smith
I'm a Savage Gmoney
I'm Yours Christian Heath
Individual  Lecia
Let's Prance Sub Zero
Let's Shine Frank Porter
Life Out There Somewhere Elvis Carden
Like Her So The Ravyns
Little Girl Lecia Louise
Living Room Rockstar 8 Track Summer
Lost and Found- Illusions of Sanity Ryan Carver
Lost On a foggy Afternoon Barleyjuice
Love Is Gone White Daze
Lucky Stars Alice Marie
Memories DYK
Mind's Eye Lisa Panagos
More Than Words Rene Byrd
No Shaking Bikey
Old Soul Afton Prater
Only You  Hella Donna
Only The Strong Will Survive Cole Lukens
Power Olivia K and the Parkers
Rampage The Ravyns
Red Ribbon Lecia Louise
Red Shoes Face Dancer
Reign King Green the Party Krasher
Rock Me Gently Michael Cornett
Rock n Roll Bitches The Ravyns
School's Out Kendall Rucks
She's Such a Drag The Ravyns
Skin Deep Crack The Sky
Some Time To Live Vegas With Randolph
Somebody Else's Dream Mac Millen
Stay With Me Afton Prater
Still Young J Collins
Sweet Young Thing Barleyjuice
Tell Me What A Life Is Worth Charles Absher
The Lame Dudes Theme Lame Dudes
The Only One Fiona MacMahon
There's Somethin' I Have to Say Michael Raz
Tip My Hat to the Maker Dana Gaynor Band
To Peoria Red Kitchen
Wait For Me Chad Huffman
Wanna Know Face Dancer
What a Girl Les Buchanon
Who I Am After Alice
Why Ask Why Sarantos
Words Face Dancer
Work Song Cortez & The Killers
Wrong Kind of Guy Alice Marie
You Have Me Now Afton Prater
You Learn JEERK
You Set The World On Fire Vegas With Randolph

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