The SchoolBoyZ are a production duo consisting of Randy “Tune” Hayward and Brandon “B” Hodoh. The two

inspiring producers met each other in the early 2000’s and quickly discovered they had a mutual admiration for making music. Within a matter of weeks the young upstarts began to craft what would become their distinctive, unorthodox sound; which is a blend of hard hitting Hip Hop beats, polished with smooth R&B grooves and a touch of Pop. While they were still in high school, Randy and Brandon began calling themselves “The SchoolBoyZ”, and soon as they graduated, decided to take their love for making songs seriously.

Not content on just being locals to their Detroit stomping grounds, the two relocated to Atlanta in 2005. The new emergence of music in the ATL at the time gave the young producers their best shot at making a name for themselves. There in Atlanta, the duo had stints with DJ Speedy (formerly of CTE), interned and mentored with nominated producers, like the legendary No.I.D. and L. Roc, respectively. Other internships consisted of working for the Dallas Austin company DARP and engineering for SHO NUFF recording artist. The production tandem’s grind started to produce more exposure as they entered and won some beat battles at Atlanta showcases, performing in Los Angeles during Grammy weekend, and providing beats for Detroit-bred, G.O.O.D. Music signee Big Sean. Early in 2009, The SchoolBoyZ formed the SchoolBoyZ Music Group and after grinding for nearly a decade it’s safe to say that The SchoolBoyZ have arrived and will prove to be a force to be reckoned with. School is now in session.

Contact The School Boyz at: Twitter @schoolboyzmusic

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