Blakk North was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Where at the age nine, he played with the notion to become a hip-hop artist.

Really not interested in the in the hip hop era. North was influenced by a higher power to pursue this goal. While growing up North began studying other artist’s craft thus developing one of his own. By age fourteen, North decided that he would take a more active role with his craft by applying himself to song writing.

Over the course of time Blakk North improved his brand of music. He accomplished this by developing different styles of lyrical delivery. Unshaken by minor set backs and disappointments, North continued writing to advance his style to a higher plateau. North recently visited that very plateau by taking control of his own destiny and releasing a six song CD. Though the CD did not give him national recognition it still gave him local recognition with in his own city.


North has continued his cause by obtaining a Bachelors of Science Degree in Entertainment Business through Full Sail University in 2012. As a graduate of this predigests school it enable him to meet great engineers, record label owners, and other wide variety talented people with in the entertainment society. North has recently release two new albums, Excalibur and Creation on CD Baby and He has been interviewed on The Street Committee Radio Show in Dallas, Texas. He also has been recently interviewed by Street Committee Journalist Jenika Lashae, which is at present is being broadcast on Blakk North continues on his quest to bring the world a new type of sound unlike any other.

Blakk North at present is being hosted on numerous sites such as: (search Blakk North)

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