megpfeifferBehind the name Meg Pfeiffer, is a well-known name combination of Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer. She is a singer,

guitarist, songwriter, composer and passionate live artist.

"American Pop" is how she describes her music and presents her own mix of pop, rock, blues and country. She mostly contests the acoustic tour as a soloist. However, she not only accompanies her guitar but a whole instrument family stands on her stage. She plays the ukulele and the banjo, accompanies the piano and sits in the middle of the audience completely unreinforced with an Indian harmonium. Her show is a story. It is her personal story with which she enchants her listeners with sweet charm, lively energy and up-tempo grooves.

"SUNSHINE" is her third album and is released in the beginning without any help and without the budget of a major. It is pure, close and authentic. Whether in her own songs or her interpretations of famous hits, the arrangements are always clear and very varied.


megpfeiffer2One might assume that a pure acoustic plate is boring. But with this album every single song makes you want more. It illuminates the different facets of the artist, which creates with a few means a lot to express and to give to the listener the personal feeling, one with her in a space. The personality of Meg Pfeiffer is perhaps best to understand "Live", especially when she tells us her story.

Her long blond mane, hearty laughter and perhaps the slanting habit of naming all her instruments can be individual trademarks. What distinguishes her, however, as an artist is the depth in her songs, the timbre of her voice, her temperament and her almost inexhaustible energy.  



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