bill charlsonI grew up in Norco, CA and Sierra Madre CA, and spent a lot of my off-time hours practicing little by little, driving my

mom mad, 'cause i just played the same 3 tunes over and over until I got bored. But I listened to music every single day, and that's the reasons I have talent today. Yep, just listening.

I got a few music lessons here and there when I could afford it, but I always wanted to just do my own thing, so I taught myself guitar. I battled with mental illness in all my young adult years, and many years since, and so much so that I never had time for planning out my life, and making the necessary changes I needed to follow my dreams.

And then life happened, and it was like a tidal wave, but I kept believing that God and his angels had a plan of action. I wanted to learn to sing, because I always thought I could, but just didn't have the education, so a took a voice tech class at Pasadena City College, and that really got me going, and planted the seed.

billcharlson2Later, I went on to study graphic design at Riverside Community College, a great college to go to by the way. Lately my life is still sometimes hindered by my disability limitations, and so I'm trying to rebuild again, but I found meaning in Jesus my savior and His word.

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