All Systems Go is a pop punk band from NJ. with a continued desire to write and perform music.

With the well-blending voices of the two vocalists, fiery riffs and solos, jumpy bass lines, lead-style drumming, and high energy on stage, the band creates a sound that has been described as "pop punk, the way you remember it". 2019 has been the most pivotal year for All Systems Go. In 2019 alone, the band released their long overdue debut LP “Garden State Skies”, completed 3 DIY tours throughout the NJ/PA/NY tri-state area, recorded and released a follow-up EP “The Waiting Room”, doubled their fanbase, released a collection of merchandise, and made a name for themselves in the South Jersey music scene.

All Systems Go’s debut album “Garden State Skies” was recorded by the band’s members and mixed by Los Angeles music veteran, David Snow. It was released on January 21, 2019. From top to bottom, the record provides listeners with a young and fun sound, often described as "pop punk music with rock & roll vibes". Each of the songs reflects various personal experiences of the band members, drawing inspiration from things like Mario Kart, wild college parties, relationship issues, adventures overseas, and many more.

On December 6, 2019 the band released a follow-up EP entitled “The Waiting Room” which was produced by Jaime GoWell at Blue Light Digital Sound in Mt. Holly NJ, the band’s local studio. While their debut album focused on lighthearted experiences backed by a young and fun sound, this follow-up EP aims to be heavier both musically and emotionally. This record explores themes of being introverted, dishonesty, love versus infatuation, and expectations versus reality. It is what the band has come up with since taking more than a year off from writing after July 2017, and reflects the experiences of the band members throughout 2018 and 2019."

The band’s current lineup consists of Matt Pezza (vocals/guitar), Devin Kollmar (vocals/guitar), Dean Mason (bass), and Joe Codispoti (drums). The group plans to continue to write music and tour throughout 2020, with a goal to reach more fans outside the NJ tri-state area.

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