All his life, Di Lovero has denied being an artist, because no one wants to have an artist in his family.

Tell your parents that you want to be an actor, painter, musician or writer and you will see the head they are going to make, especially if they are not an artist themselves. Artists, we love what they do, but we do not like what they are. In any case, he never asked to be a musician. It fell on him and he must accept it. If he does not compose, if he does not play, if he does not sing, if he does not create songs, he is not doing well. All he knows now is that you do not become an artist, you are born an artist.

His meeting in 2018, with Bruno Mylonas, the director of Jean-Michel Jarre's albums, Charles Aznavour, Vanessa Paradis, Marc Lavoine, Bernard Lavilliers etc., was a revelation for him. Now he works in collaboration with Bruno, who does a lot of arranging and mixing of his new songs.

His latest songs  "Marcher contre le vent" is a song Pop Rock Electro. It was played in 2018 and 2019, on nearly 30 FM and internet stations in France, Belgium and Switzerland (Radio Aligre Paris FM, Radio Avalon, Meuse FM etc.).

His new song "Just say no" was played in 2018 and 2019 in the Deuce Radio Show, on almost  60 radio stations  FM and Internet  in USA (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin), UK (London, Edimburg, Newcastle, Manchester) in Australia and Canada . Also it was played on 30 Radio Stations FM and internet, in the Tournée des Talents d', in France (Netradio France, Radio Avalon, Meuse FM etc..), Belgica, switzerland and Canada (Watt's FM).

"Just say no": Music, lyrics, vocals, choirs and arrangements by Di Lovero. The mix is ​​Bruno Mylonas, "Les Gilets Jaunes du samedi": Music, texts, song, Di Lovero. The arrangements, mixing and guitar are Bruno Mylonas.

"Marcher contre le vent": Music, texts, songs, choirs and arrangements of Di Lovero. Arrangements, mixing and guitar playing by Bruno Mylonas. Veronique Raux-Lortal's vocal coaching.

Di Lovero began his musical apprenticeship playing guitar and took classes in several schools and conservatories. Then he stopped the music and the guitar during eleven years, from 1985 to 1996, because the guitar did not interest him any more. He has had music in his head since childhood and is so ubiquitous that he has to create, otherwise he does not feel well. Sometimes, in the morning, he wakes up with a melody in his head that he does not know. He likes to compose by walking down the street, taking the subway in Paris, by car, by train or watching the world sit by in a café-terrasse. After 10 years without an instrument, the music was terribly missing. He bought a digital piano in 1997 and began composing. He created, performed and orchestrated 10 instrumental tracks from 1998 to 2008 and recorded a CD in his apartment. His musical style resembles that of Jean-Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder and Tangerine Dream and can also be classified in the style of soundtrack music. He is a member of SACEM (France) and BMI (USA).

His instrumental album "Supernova" is distributed by the label Blue Pie Records.

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