My name is Jay and I am a songwriter. my hereo is John Lennon.

I remember getting on a plane December 8th, 1980 to visit my brother in Hawaii. I started writing songs and I have learned the craft and continue to learn from every experience on my journey to haring these songs with the world. My influences are the Beatles, John Lennon, The Eagles, Im Croce and American Folk Rock. The last 25 years I have dedicated my life to my daughter, being present, giving her my time. and being in her life. Sarah's a classically trained pianist, singer, scholar and USAF Veteran. Sarah's influences are Carol KIng, Amy Lee and Me.

I have written a complete new album and Sarah has composed several great songs on piano and guitar. We are now ready to go into the studio and create an American Folk Rock style album true to our hearts with our friend Robert Honablue. He is a 40 year verteran in the music business.

Reality is about energy and the awareness of the energy of our spirits that live in our bodies and our minds. Our thoughts create emotional vibrations and emotional vibrations create the word we live in. The visible and invisible. The seen and unseen. We feel it so, awaken yur feelings. Do not hide them. 

Jorenda's music is fro the heart. We want to help to heal and unite each other. Our purpose and mission is about love and service to others.  

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