Born and raised in Boston, MA Dub da God AKA Dub da started rapping at the of 12. Due to heavy influence by what

he describes as “lyrical juggernauts” from his Jamacia Plain projects, he grew up fast and rough. Yet, found in solace in his musical gift of writing all genres of music as well as rapping his own. What sets Dub da apart from the rest is his creativity, emotions, love for his craft, lyrics and authenticity. With over 20 years experience and 3 missed record deal opportunities due to incarceration, he is not ready or willing to let his dreams of leaving a permanent mark in the game go yet. Now, with a slue of mix tapes and in the process of dropping 3 new singles, “Money Money”, “Mind Games” and “Nightmares”, Dub believes he has what it takes to leave a permanent mark in the game. Last comments made by Dub da were “the best is yet to come” and “I ain’t done yet” He promises his fans won’t be disappointed!

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Instagram: still4lifemusic, Twitter: @Still4LifeMusic 
Facebook: Still4LifeMusic, Snapchat: s4lmusic 

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