Cheryl Williams is a singer, songwriter. She writes her own songs as an amazing way to express her

deepest feelings. She loves singing and has been singing for as long time and has been compared to the tone of Roberta Flack with soul like Anita Baker. Cheryl is a mom, wife and nurse by profession. Music has always played a big role in her life and has gotten her through some really tough times. Throughout her childhood she sang in both the church and school choirs. Cheryl also enjoyed singing at music festivals and family gatherings.

As an adult Cheryl has performed as a soloist at concerts and talent shows over the years, and recently started writing and performing her original songs, bringing a unique style and flavor to her music.

Cheryl's singles "My Everything" and “Beautiful", released in 2015 and 2016 consecutively, were my first attempts at songwriting and they were both produced by her then 19 year old son Kyle Williams aka KDoubleU. She absolutely loves using different shades of vocals, and experimenting with harmonies.

Creating videos for her music projects was also a great way to showcase her love for singing in a fun and entertaining way. Music is Cheryol's  therapy, sanity and lifeline. Whether creating music or performing before an audience, Cheryl feels a sense of freedom as the cares of the world lifts off her shoulders.

Cheryl William's single “A Bird Set Free” produced by Anno Domini is a testament of the freedom she has attained through the presence of music in her life.

You can currently find Cheryl working on her next single and feels truly blessed to be able to share the healing power of music with the world. Using my voice to uplift and inspire others.

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