The Underground

The Underground

Discover The Next Big Underground Artist! College Underground Radio set out to find a few artists that are great picks for really good music. Some of them you’ve probably heard of before, and some of them you may very well have not. However, chances are that you will almost always discover something new, entertaining and informative.

With that said, take a break, mellow out for a minute and Discover The Nest Big Underground Artist! 

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Adam Aldama aka Sizzle, was born and raised in Sacramento, California where he has been performing since he was a child. He has a natural talent for music, singing, and performing.  Sizzle’s greatest passion in life is music.

Lori Nebo was born and raised in California. She started singing in church, gospel choirs, in colleges and later on began singing as a lead singer fronting many bands in California. Lori began performing in an all-girl group

Cornelious Horn is an Artist who plays for fun, learn randomly and have no bound limits when it comes to genre, quality or instrument usage. His influences come from melodic heavy rock, film effects, theme music and

the Scorched is a one of a kind, stylistic and eclectic rock band based in the Southwest United States. Their sound is addictive and impossible to emulate. Experienced songwriters and cousins Kris Tuttle and Wade

Zerzsez is an independent musician from Green Bay, Wisconsin. His sound can be described as a cross between old school hip-hop with a dance music vibe. When it comes to recording music, he always enjoys

the adl projectThanks to the Internet and Long Distance Recording, they are back! Arnie Young - Guitar & Vocals, Doug Morton - Bass & Vocals and Lyle Reddy - Drums. Now called, The ADL Project.


Betsy Warren is a singer/songwriter based in Birmingham, AL. She has sung with several different bands in various genres when living in Alabama, California and Tennessee. While in California,

Rawley Taylor is an Englishman from the Depths of Devonshire who made touchdown in Sweden and makes his music on Gotland - an island out in the Baltic. After a long sabbatical from all things musical he dusted off his

This is Agent 20/20 and Hip-Hop is his life. He has been on the mic emceeing since 1993 and wrote his first verse in his first semester in college. Agent 20/20 grew up in a time when you liked at least two artist from each coast and the

Magma Two is Jean-Pierre and Patrick. A friendship in life and in music. Their musical style is a sound between rock and metal while being inspired by the world of fantasy, magical worlds.


Fayetteville's Frank-E is how soulful hip-hop is supposed to sound. He is constantly working to perfect his craft and continuing to keep building his own sound.  Becoming a rap artist was never a goal in Frank-E’s life.

London based hard rockers Superfecta delivers a sound which has it`s roots in grunge and classic rock but with a vibrant and fresh modern alternative twist. They returned in 2017 with a new single "Mannequin".

American Acid is a hard rock band from Roc City NY. They play in your face RNR !!!! Doug Mac on Bass and Vocals, Michael Shadders on Guitars, Adam Mortier on Drums. They have been together For 17 Years and

Advintage is a man on a mission with a vision and a purpose. Doing his music for the youth full service. He is an old soul with a new school blend. Music is his passion.


Gail Everett is a life time musician, singer and song writer from Austin, Texas. She started out playing French Horn at a young age, and continued learning other instruments like: guitar, bass, percussion,

Seth Dobbs is a rising singer songwriter in Nashville who’s raw talent, strong voice, and relatable lyrics allow audiences to truly feel what is behind his music. Seth has worked with Grammy winning songwriter, Scot Sax, on his first

Tezonia Quartman, aka, Tez Nubian Queen. She has been singing since the age of five years old. Tez’s biggest inspiration was her father and Whitney Houston. She is a singer, songwritter, poet, rapper, producer, dancer, model

What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?

My genre would be hip-hop and R&B.. I write music that encourages the everyday grind.

Hip-Hop/Rap lyricist and recording artist Michelle Cadreau (Blue Sky) has developed a writing and rapping style with both subtlety and introspection to reflect her Native Canadian, Indian and Polish ancestry. With four CDs to

KO.ra (KO.ra Bantu) whose real name Roger Bertrand Abe is an author, composer, one singer who was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in a Christian family. Growing up he had a difficult childhood and the childhood wounds are felt in

"I love music, especially  the magic in writing music.  I grab onto my high voltage moments, whatever they are, and the heavenly Mix Master from the Universe transforms this to a song that hopefully sings to others."

Dabier is a California based actor and musician. Music is one of his major passions! His current EP New Faces is getting tremendous attention in the music world! Dabier has also had success in front of the camera for almost 15

Hailing from South East Missouri, Eric Ziegler is a young Singer/Songwriter. At 18 years of age, Eric was in a signed Rock band but didn't realize the chance he was given. "At 18 my band and I signed. We had beat the streets

Diamond Nugget is a Hard Rock band originally from the State of Texas, founded in 2011 by Carlos D La Rosa. The band has released a music video’s “Jeraldine” and “Someone to Hold On” plus two EP’s titled: "Forever

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