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The Underground

Discover The Next Big Underground Artist! College Underground Radio set out to find a few artists that are great picks for really good music. Some of them you’ve probably heard of before, and some of them you may very well have not. However, chances are that you will almost always discover something new, entertaining and informative.

With that said, take a break, mellow out for a minute and Discover The Nest Big Underground Artist! 

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David Hope blends experiences and music into his own vehicle for storytelling. He combines the intimacy of his rural coastal upbringing with a Nashville sound to create a sonic perspective that is original, yet familiar.

Divizion is a mix between hip hop electronic and pop genres. He wants to make music that shows his perspective on the world with a main goal of being heard. 

Patricia M. Goins is the CEO of Around The World Media Inc, and ATW Media Printing & Publishing LLC.  Plus the host and originator of On The Move Unscripted, a podcast on iHeart Radio.

An upcoming Trap & Soul artist, YSN Hazel’s music is heavily influenced by Southern musical artists such as; T.I, OutKast, Field Mob & others, mixed with Soul inspired by Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke & many more.

DRob da Doc started making music at 12 and hasn't looked back. He is a  mix between heavy metal and rap something very solumley done.

Nashville recording artist and song writer, Jessica McNear is proof that hard work can make it possible for somebody living in Smalltown, USA to find success in today’s competitive music industry.

A 2020 Hampton Graduate with a Bachelor’s in Music Recording Technology. ScUba comes from Jacksonville, FL coming out of MD. He got the name scUba at an Open Mic after doing one of poems at The Train Station 

3liii’Jah alias David C. Ayers Jr. was born in Lynwood, California March 20th 1992. He started making music when he was 12 years old, always had a knack to write songs, real songs that people around him could feel.

This is how I mainly express my self. These Hard times represent my Pain in struggle , but I feel my real sound is similar to yfn Lucci rod wave type. Hip hop is my favorite genre.

Jessica Carter is a singer-songwriter from Columbia, MO. Jessica began her love for music at age three, while repeatedly beating and singing on coffee cans. Her influences range from many genres of music including:

Mr.Dragonfly has been playing since he was 17. He is self taught, playing along and listening to the people down below. He is a gritty player kinda like Grant Green. LOL. 

Rimmy Grasa have just released their Debut EP "Los Muertos" fresh out of the Aussie heavy music scene. Formed in 2017 when drummer Josh Every and Riley Novello Met at a TAFE music production course.

LaVerne “Lee” Smikrud grew up listening to country, pop, folk and polka music on the radio.  His first interest was in polka music and he talked his parents into buying him an accordion.

Vincent Tesoro* is an uncommon artist coming out of Massachusetts. His name is a tribute to his late uncle who passed away before he was born.

MelanieShiffletRidnerWarner2Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner has been infused and born with Music Royalty in her blood on both sides of Family. She is a Seventeen Year ASCAP Award Winning Songwriter.

Big Nate MG and The Real RAW Breed

Websites or Social Media Pages:

Ig: @bignatemg
Fb: Big Nate MG

Dat Boy Jones is a rising artist and songwriter originating from Cleveland, Ohio. Now based in Birmingham, Alabama, Dat Boy Jones seeks to create music that will motivate people around the world.

DJ Greenguy is an Artist, DJ, and Radio personality. DJ GREENGUY has been the host of S.O.A. Radio since 2008.


Requiem For Oblivion (RFO) is a constantly evolving 'hybrid' death metal band from Erie, PA. Started by multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer Steve Jacobson in a basement as an ambient, solo recording act.

Euphoria Station was formed by vocalist/ lyricist Saskia Binder and guitarist/ songwriter Hoyt Binder who share a passion for deep music with hooks that easily connect.

Known for his lyrics being both potent and personal, music from B. streets depicts both darker and enlightened experiences using a “memoir-like” style.

Byesadboy brings in a rebellious, heart felt, relatable sound and vibe that catches your ear then sends you into an emotional rollercoaster. 

Ylnbousin3k is an artist whose melodic music has tunefulness and a satisfying series of notes. His ultimate Goal is to simply influence the youth and the next generation. 

Steinar Ytrehus is a guitarist and musician from Norway. He has his own studio where he spend much of his spare time writing and recording music.

REV is a veteran of the Bay Area Hip Hop scene. Rev’s name means Recognize Every Verse and encourages the listener to pay attention to his reflections on life in the Bay Area.

Auckland-based singer-songwriter Jaqualyn Taimana Williams (Jacqui) could be described as a multiracial Kiwi fusion of Alanis Morissette and Pink, stretching from Anika Moa to Devilskin in styles.

HeinrichManuever3John was born in Poughkeepsie New York, got his first Guitar and soon after was playing in bands with friends around his neighborhood. In 1970, John went to the University of Kentucky to major in stand-up Bass

Wes Side is from Ontario and is a combination of pop, rock, ska, rap and reggae  but would fit in an alternative genre. Upbeat and catchy!!!

Rogue Charter is a hard rock band based in UK, London! It all started in 2018, when Troy and Bruno met by pure coincidence at the New Rose Studios in Camden Town.

An eclectic, multi-instrumentalist artist based in Franklin, TN. He developed a rather unique blend of sound by combining the honest, introspective vibes of folk music with the experimental edge of progressive rock.

A rising Cleveland-based punk/hip-hop recording artist, singer, and guitarist who is hell-bent on a crusade to crush the scourge of opioid addiction & offer hope to those afflicted through his powerful music and lyrics.

She’s bright, bubbly and what a voice! Shara Vallee burst on to the music scene in her native country, Anguilla, West Indies in 2012. She did some formal voice training in her teens.

The Cincinnati based band, Kickstart is a unique blend of power pop, indie rock  and acoustic music that produces compelling melodies that draw you in to their thoughtful lyrics.

Tyler Knox is an Edm DJ & Producer and lives in Italy. He produces Edm Music not for money but for his enjoyment and opinions that music is one of the strongest instruments that gives so much to all of us.

Born in Rijeka, Croatia, Igor Anicic has a passion that follows him through his life. His goal is to send a lot of positive energy to as many people as possible around the world with music, as the songs are made for the world!

Candace Rodney, at a time in her life when things were kinda hard said "I’m going Rogue" and people just continued calling her that which turned in to her DJ name Rogue when she became a dj few years ago.

Honestly, Me is an All- genre band based out of Los Angeles, CA. We currently have a single called “I hope you hear this” coming out at midnight on February second, 2020.

My name is Ugochi TheSinger. I am an R&B, soul and pop vocalist/lyricist. She has been singing since the start of age three and started writing by age nine.

TVENODAGODT Veno Da God hais from MInneapolis, MN and has been rapping since he was a teenager. He is really trying to put his music on the map with CD's on I'unes, Amazon, Youtube and Spotify.

Charles Sanfilippo and Wyatt Kluckhohn formed pale Hell at the end of 2017. They demoed songs for almost a year, then brought their 5 favorites into the studio in the summer of 2018.

Crystal Sherie aka C-Rob is an international artist, featured on the 1999 Stellar Awards Winning album entitled “So Real” on a Chaka Khan Remix, “Tell Me Something Good”, by 2X Grammy Nominee Kenny Smith.

In the face of the modern era of Hip Hop, it seems that lyrical skill has become an increasingly rare commodity. Thankfully, rappers like Mac The Rebel prove that this is still alive and well.

Hip-hop genre best describes JD Skrills music. A different melody all together with a fast flow.

Livin Water was working on some new lyrics, "Papa was a rolling stone momma was a work alcoholic, found joy in the bottom of a bottle, never was an alcoholic, just a product of that peer pressure"

KirstenBornkessel2In the balancing act of life, singer-songwriter Kirsten Bornkessel finds her craft to be a grounding force. Not yet in her 20s, the New England native is passionate about writing her own material.

Old Danish guy who has played music his whole life. He has played mostly as a drummer but has early learned to play other instruments as well. 

They met on some jam session a few years ago, then formed this band “TramstonValley” in summer 2018 at Tokyo Japan. They released their 1st single “First 3” in December 21 2019.

Shiny Glide aka Antony Venneri is a recording artist, poet songwriter and guitar player with international experience, originally from Italy.

Gabriel J is a new artist; on the rise to becoming one of the greatest assets to the music culture. He knows this to be true because of his faith in God, whom has solidified his purpose in life.

Blessed Beyond Measure is the best way to describe my life. I made a decision a while ago, to not sign with a major promotion agency because it would mean being gone every weekend, and away from my wife and ministry.

Quit soccer and picked up guitar at the age of 12. Learned some classical guitar. Then skipped to pop & jazz and eventually skipped music school and learned by myself. I have never actually sang in a band as a lead singer.

Bearshark is Drop B harmonizing baritones & melodic progressive hardcore, rock & metal who views their music as a positive hobby and release.

Hello! My name is George Avetikyan. I have been writing music for 2 years. I started to play the violin when I was 9.

Houston based rapper JumpMan, a.k.a Jordan Thornton, has introduced himself to the industry by means of beautiful hip-hop blends that are garnering a lot of attention.

Feez Da Popstar is the Alter-Ego of the internationally known DJ Jay Faire. Hailing from NYC, specifically 914 area code, Jay Faire changed the music world and the way it was listened to thru his mixes and club shows.

Arun O'Connor is a musician from Invercargill, New Zealand. Arun has been playing for 16 years as a Guitarist, Bassist and Vocalist. Currently, he is  the Lead Vocalist and Guitarist in Small Feet.

Some like those who can flow. Some prefer an artist who can deliver intelligent wordplay. Almost anyone will relate to a story of overcoming through perseverance told by a true artist.

Zandra Long aka Zandra Dalite hails from Brunswick Ga, has a sound and style is like no other. Her voice is the ultimate attraction following the messages that she delivers.

Bennie is a Pop/Hip-Hop/Alternative artist whose goal is to have his music used by a major artist and sync license deal for film/tv.

Camielle was born in Los Angeles, so it should come as no surprise that she gravitated towards the Entertainment Business.  At age eighteen, she landed a role in her first movie.

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