There is no other singer quite like Nikkole. She has a far-reaching platform that will catapult her to becoming the next legend. With her chesty full-voice vocal nuances, her ability to set the scene with her songwriting talent, her energetic live performances and her supermodel beauty, Nikkole is extraordinarily vibrant and universal. We sat down with Nikkole and here is what she said:

You're a very talented lady. Tell us a little about you and your music. 

Thank you so much.  I am a singer / songwriter.  I grew up in a household that loved all musical genres.  I feel that adoration is reflected in my work.  I am a very dedicated and focused individual who is driven, determined and resilient. There are many layers to my personality, and in the music industry as a professional independent artist it is easy to find a place for each layer.  My music is Pop music with elements of R&B that is organic and reflective.

I see you have worked with some very impressive jazz musicians, Arturo Sandoval & Norman Brown to name a few. Tell us about that experience.

It was indeed an honor and a dream come true to work with both of these amazingly talented musicians.  Arturo Sandoval played on my single “Amazing” and I was simply in awe of his genius and the way he approaches each note.  I’ve always enjoyed each artist’s musical contributions and I’ve learned so much from their style and work ethic. It was a must that I work with them and soak up their talents! My collaboration with Norman Brown was on his “Stay With Me” cd. I penned and sang on “You Keep Lifting Me Higher”.  He is such a talented musician and a wonderful human being.

How does it feel to have chart topping songs in this country & abroad? What do you feel should change in the Grammy voting process being that you are a voting member now.

I feel blessed and excited to have my songs “Gonna Get it Right” and “Zero” become chart toppers on Billboard.  It is a testament to hard work and dedication rewarding you.  I also think that if you are diligent and really love what you do, your fans and audience can sense that within your music.   

The Grammy voting process and what I feel should be changed; This is a tough and subjective question.  From what I’ve experienced with NARAS, the organization tries it’s best to be equal with major and indie artists, however some things fall through the cracks and need attention.  I do believe that they are currently working to rectify some of these important issues.

Are you originally from L.A? How much has the Los Angeles scene influenced your material?

No, I was born in North Carolina and moved to L.A. when I was a child.  The L.A. scene has played an important part in developing and enhancing my sensibilities of songwriting with the perspective and storyline of each song.  The laid back vibe of Cali has given me the freedom to write with ease; and it has helped me to not be afraid to speak my true feelings within my songs.

What's up with the haters Nikkole, tell us how you deal with them.

Plain and simple…I don’t deal with haters, they are not on my radar.  I won’t allow any negative vibes to come into my world. 

What female musicians and entertainers do you look up to?

I’ve always loved female singers and songwriters that aren’t afraid to be bold.  Such as Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Sheryl Crow and Beyonce.

Your music isn't the quote on quote "regular" pop music. Explain to us your style and how you deliver when you write songs. Can you tell us about your single "Zero" and the latest album "Hallucinations" (Love Under Moonlight is my fav. off that album)

I like to consider what I do genre bending and “Zero” is a prime example of that.  As I enjoy bringing all elements of myself into my projects.  Hence you will here Pop, R&B, Rock all infused, sometimes all within a single song.  For example, if you listen to my song “I Want You to Feel Me”, you’re going to hear Pop, Rock and Soul.  This is the case with many tracks from my album “Hallucinations” including your fav…”Love Under Moonlight”.

How do you survive the perils of being a woman in the music industry?

As I see it, gender doesn’t matter.  When you are tooled up and on your game, you get the love and respect of your peers.

Any advice to young ladies coming up in the music game trying to establish themselves the correct way?

Be tough, be diligent.  Understand the business and know your craft at the highest level.  Have thick skin, and be smart about all of your choices. It is not JUST about the desire to make music; you have to remember this is the business of music too. Planning and order is key on the road to success. Read and learn as much about the legal aspects of the business, and absorb what your associates may know (and by this I mean the people who are actually making a living from music). Follow your heart and remain true to your own style. Release quality music that is well produced, mixed and mastered with a clear sound quality.

Since you've been in the business, what has been some of the highlights that stay with you?

Hitting Top 10 on the Billboard charts, seeing the faces of fans appreciating my music and performances, making great videos and being able to make a living by doing what I love to do.

What does the future hold for you & your team? Who would you like to work with next?

Next up my team and I are preparing the release of my 3rd single from “Hallucinations”.  This will include hot remixes and an exciting new music video. 

It would be amazing to be able to work with other artists like David Guetta, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

Any special shout outs?

I would like to thank everyone on my team for being so amazing and helping me bring my dreams to reality.  Also, I’d like to thank all of my fans my “Nikkolediers” for going on this musical journey with me and being ride or die all the way.



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