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Underground Interview With Debra Price


Since 2000 Debra Price has Empowered, Encouraged and Inspired Women and Young girls through sharing her many gifts and talents through music. Telling of her struggles, pains, Joy and Victories and how she’s moving forward. Debra reminds her listeners to uncover their true inner beauty, confidence and to love themselves better so that they love others correctly with songs off her album entitled “Transform Me, The Soul of a Woman”. Read More

Underground Interview With Barbie Wills Dymond


Barbie and Wills write all original music together sharing ideas as each track is created. Barbie plays keys and does vocals. Wills plays keys, guitar, bass, drums and does some vocals as well as producing the recordings. Barbie and Wills hope to impact someone in a positive way today. Read More

Underground Interview With MamaB

MamaBI write and compose music as it comes to mind. Sometimes it is a nice surprise to realize the little tune that has been swimming around my head ends up reminiscent of the old style blues, or I accidentally create a catchy dance tune. I would describe my music as being a reflection of what ever my mood is at the time of it's creation. Read More

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Underground Interview W/h Kevin Conrad-Jenovah Heights

KevinConrad Jenovah Heights

Kevin Reid Conrad dba "Jenovah Heights", is a recording artist in Twin Falls Idaho. He started playing on a plastic guitar his parents bought him when he was just a young boy.  His love for music has stayed with him, writing and producing over 40 songs on four albums Kevin hopes to continue bringing his creativity to life through his music. Read More

Underground Interview With Bluedot


Within their successful film career, Ri and Renee found themselves focusing their interests towards sound design. After a handful of soundtracks for feature films - they decided to focus solely on their music. Both of them being multi instrumentalists with over 40 years of chops for each of them - they focus on analog instrumentation from synthesizers, guitars and wind instruments. After producing a bunch of films and albums for others, they have focused on their own albums with Pluviograph, Deluge and the upcoming Sunshine Distraction. Read More

Underground Interview With EdenTrain

EdenTrainEdenTrain was formed nine years ago by songwriter, singer and guitarist, Bobby Rizzo. Bobby has toured with several national acts as a sideman and written songs for other bands such as The Spin Doctors. The focus of EdenTrain is first and foremost good songwriting and delivery of new rock music that is timeless. Based in Los Angeles California, EdenTrain blends many styles and influences fusing into a new classic rock sound. Read More

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Underground Interview With Tea Why


Hip Hop is the Genre I choose for now, I describe my sound unique. Different then the rest. Wanting to create my own Genre and working on that. First off God and Family has always been my influence. Since a kid music has always set my soul free, now I create to try and do it for others. Read More

Underground Interview With Daniel C. Keplinger


Daniel C. Keplinger grew up in Dodge City, Kansas during the 70’s and 80’s and remembers a certain rock vibe for a small town. The band Kansas played a few times. One time in particular they played at the local 1/4 mile dirt track. He didn’t have the money to get in so he stood on top of a neighbors truck to watch the concert. From that day forward Daniel fell in love with rock music. Daniel started playing guitar in 1983 when he purchased his first guitar (a Gibson Epiphone) along with a Peavey Encore 65 Amp. Read More

Underground Interview With Wendy Ford

Wendy Ford

When asked to mention some career highlights, Wendy Ford replies: “Playing before 19,000 (rugby league) fans at Sydney Olympic Stadium and singing with Australian country music legend James  Blundell (also well known in Nashville) at Tamworth Country Music Festival (the largest festival of its kind in the southern hemisphere). Wendy made her internet TV debut on Episode 18 of the music show, “Out in the Country”. Read More

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